Transport and Economic Development - Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
1987. Tab., Abb.; XXIV, 474 S.
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ISBN 978-3-428-06199-0


Inhalt: H. Hunter, Tracing the Effects of Sectoral Transport Demands on the Soviet Transport System - J. Ambler, Factors Controlling Recent Performance on Soviet Railways - W. Boncher, The Current Soviet Campaign to Increase Freight Train Weight - J. N. Westwood, Soviet Inland Waterways' Prospects for Offering Relief to the Railways - P. E. Lydolph, Soviet Maritime Transport in an Overcrowded Market - T. Armstrong, Soviet Ideas for Pioneering Shipping in the Central Arctic Basin - D. Wilson, The Consumption of Automotive Oil Products in Soviet Road Transport - J. Stadelbauer, Transport and the Pattern of Settlement in Soviet Caucasia - R. N. North, Current Developments in Transport and Traffic Between the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe - R. H. Funck / J. S. Kowalski, Impact of Transportation Bottlenecks on Production. The Polish Case - A. H. Dawson, Transport and the Pattern of Settlement in Poland. The Impact of Post-War Policies - Z. Berman / C. G. Alvstam, Investment Policy in the Polish Transport Sector. Assessments of the 1970s and Prospects for the 1990s - D. R. Hall, Albania's Transport Cooperation With Her Neighbours - D. Turnock, The Danube-Black Sea Canal and Its Impact on Southern Romania - H. S. Seidenfus, From the "Rhine-Main-Danube Canal" to the "Main-Danube-Connection" - L. Symons, The Rise and Fall of Soviet Influence on the Chinese Aircraft Industry and Air Transport

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