The Growth of the Bank as Institution and the Development of Money-Business Law
1993. 359 S.
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Inhalt: P. Linehan, An Archbishop and his Bankers: Gonzalo Pérez Gudiel of Toledo 1280-1283 - J. Kirshner, Encumbering Private Claims to Public Debt in Renaissance Florence - V. Piergiovanni, Banchieri e mercanti: Modelli di classificazione nella dottrina giuridica genovese - D. R. Coquillette, The Mystery of the New Fashioned Goldsmiths: From Usury to the Bank of England (1622-1694) - J. S. Rogers, The Problem of Accomodation Bills: Banking Theory and the Law of Bills in the Early Nineteenth Century - S. Lammel, Einige Aspekte der Emissionstätigkeit von Frankfurter Banken - B. Clavero, Entre ocio de banco y negocio de cambio: Pecunia depositada bajo régimen católico - C. Petit, Signos Financieros y Cosas Mercantiles, o los Descubiertos de la Ilustración Cambiaria - E.-C. Frentz, Cambio marittimo; Bodmerei; Respondentia: Kreditinstrumente des Kapitäns in der Kontroverse - C. P. Rodgers, Ransom Bills and Commercial Credit in English Law: an Early Excursus in Comparative Legal Science

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