The Future of International Law Enforcement. New Scenarios - New Law?

Proceedings of an International Symposium of the Kiel Institute of International Law. March 25 to 27, 1992

1993. 188 S.
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Inhalt: W. M. Reisman, New Scenarios of Threats to International Peace and Security: Developing Legal Capacities for Adequate Responses - T. Farer, The Future of International Law Enforcement under Chapter VII: Is There Room for »New Scenarios«? - A. P. Rubin, Comment - J. A. Frowein, Legal Consequences for International Law Enforcement in Case of Security Council Inaction - B. Simma, Does the UN Charter Provide an Adequate Legal Basis for Individual or Collective Responses to Violations of Obligations erga omnes? - C. Schreuer, Comment

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