Strafrechtsphilosophie der Aufklärung

Tagungsbeiträge Pavia 19.–21. Juni 2015

Legal Philosophy of the Enlightenment
2018. 176 S.
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»Legal Philosophy of the Enlightenment«

This volume presents the lecture texts of a conference on the criminal law philosophy of the Enlightenment, which was held in June 2015 by Sergio Seminara and Eric Hilgendorf in Pavia, the study site of Cesare Beccaria. The lectures were revised for printing and provided with a footnote apparatus. The editors hope that the small volume will contribute to securing the future of the European Enlightenment's ideas, which seem once again so endangered today.


Carl-Friedrich Stuckenberg
Karl Ferdinand Hommel – der »deutsche Beccaria«

Heike Jung
Voltaires Vermächtnis als Kritiker der Strafjustiz

Sergio Seminara
Cesare Beccaria zwischen Notwendigkeit und Humanität des Strafrechts

Paolo Rondini
Enlightened Despotism and Revolutionary Enlightenment. Franz von Zeiller (1751–1828) and Francesco Mario Pagano (1748–1799)

Eric Hilgendorf
Jeremy Bentham – Child of the Enlightenment – and Father of Modern Legal Policy

Giovanni Chiodi
Gaetano Filangieri e il codice penale secondo ragione


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