Stimmrechtszuordnung beim Nießbrauch an Gesellschaftsanteilen

Ein deutsch-französischer Rechtsvergleich

Voting Rights for Shares in Usufruct
2021. 552 S.
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ISBN 978-3-428-18080-6
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ISBN 978-3-428-58080-4
expected to be available from January 2021
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»Voting Rights for Shares in Usufruct«

Shares and partnership interests in usufruct are an essential building block of succession planning. However, questions remain as to whether a usufructuary is entitled to exercise voting rights. The author analyzes the issue from a comparative perspective. Against the backdrop of French law, German provisions on the »Nießbrauch« clearly point towards awarding voting rights to the usufructuary, a solution in line with the protective framework on voting rights represented by the »Abspaltungsverbot«.

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