Reiseberichte und andere Zeugnisse über den deutsch-britischen Pas de deux in der Geschichte
Travelogues and Documentations about the German-British Pas de deux in History
2023. 47 S.
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»Travelogues and Documentations about the German-British Pas de deux in History«: They are often referred to as two Germanic cousins. But when you look closely, this comfortable generic description of Britain and Germany often dissolved into a picture of fierce competition which, when issues of national pride were at stake, could turn into veritable enmity. Overall, however, it was friendship which ruled across the English channel. Thomas Kielinger, veteran correspondent from Britain and author of a number of celebrated biographies of Winston Churchill and the two Queens Elizabeth, has harvested travel documents as well as other telling sources – often prejudices – of the German-British entanglement, from Tacitus to political aberrations in the 20th century, to paint both an enlightening and entertaining panorama which tries to get to the bottom of a perennially fascinating story.

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