Reflexion, Gefühl, Identität im Anschluß an Kant / Reflection, Emotion, Identity. From Kant Onwards
2019. 131 S.
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The present collection brings together a number of studies interested in highlighting the role of reflexivity and sentiment in Kant’s philosophy. If philosophy is by definition a reflective endeavor, Kant’s writings document a particularly powerful philosophical enterprise; not only because he constitutes reflexivity itself into the cornerstone of philosophical method, but also because, in doing so, he unveils fundamental structures of human subjectivity.

Authors in this volume have succeeded in highlighting how Kant’s commitment to reflexivity represents a privileged gateway of exploring the complexity and richness of human experience. Aesthetic and moral experiences are particularly eloquent in this regard: aesthetic and moral sentiments represent for Kant a particular site of human reflexivity, which bring to light a specifically human world, marked by different kinds of normativity, in the midst of which humans actually live.


Ana Marta González / Alejandro G. Vigo
Introduction. Sentiment and Reflexivity: Kantian Approaches to the Unfolding of the Human World

Christel Fricke
Reflective Sentimentalism in Aesthetics: Hume’s Question and Kant’s Answer

Soledad García Ferrer
Revolutionary Happiness: On the Complicated Relationship Between Ethics and Politics in Kant

Ana Marta González
A Kantian Avenue Towards Korsgaard’s Notion of »Practical Identity«: Kant on Humanity and Culture

Alba Jiménez
Die Metabasen der Begierde und das Gesetzliche: Die Falte des Gefühls als Triebfeder der Moral

Nuria Sánchez Madrid
Kants Theorie der Klugheit: Eine interaktive Auffassung der Handlung?

Alejandro G. Vigo
Reflektierte Wahrnehmung. Kant und der reflexive Weg zur Befreiung des Gefühls

Mariano Crespo
Phenomenology, Feelings and Identity. How Husserl’s Phenomenology of Feelings Contributes to the Problem of Personal Identity

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