Protectionism or Liberalism in International Economic Relations?

Current Issues in Japan and Germany

1991. Tab., Abb.; 225 S.
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Inhalt: O. Landmann, Is there a Macroeconomic Case for Protection? - T. Matsugi, The Industrial Policy of Japan - M. Itoh, The Abandonment of the Gold Standard and Foreign Exchange / Tariff Policy: The Economic Lessons of the Great Depression in the Case of Japan - R. Okumura, Real and Monetary Shocks in a Dynamic Two-Country Model - A. Oberhauser, International Capital Movements and Distribution of Income - B. Rohwer, International Competition among Tax Systems? The Significance of Corporate Taxation for International Investment Decisions - T. Kanegae, Segregation between Long-term and Short-term Finance. A Topic Concerning Financial Liberalization in Japan - T. Dams, On the Connection Between Economy and Ecology in International Economic Relations - Y. Arayama, Rate of Protection and Returns to Farm Work: Dynamic Aspects of Price Support Policies - W. Hilke, Financial Assistance Available for Setting up Business in the Federal Republic of Germany - E. Ogawa, The Governmental Policy of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Japan - R.-B. Schmidt, Planning Efficiency as a Basis of Entrepreneurial Decisions. Common Elements in the Light of Divergent Economic Policy - T. Kishida, Paradox and Organization: Liberalism and Conservatism in Organization

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