Einführung in Theorie und Praxis

Principles of Price Management
2017. 3., überarb. und erw. Aufl. Tab., Abb.; 158 S.
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»Principles of Price Management«

This book illustrates a systematic and comprehensive approach to make the right pricing decisions in theory and in the business world. Besides the analysis of the pricing environment and the definition of price goals the focus is on aspects of strategic price management: price positioning, generic new product pricing, price setting, price differentiation and arrangement of terms. Furthermore, short-term pricing measures, issues of price implementation and price controlling are also discussed.


A. Grundlagen des Preismanagements

Einleitung – Preis und Preismanagement – Besonderheiten und Bedeutung des Preismanagements

B. Entscheidungsorientiertes Preismanagement

Umfeldanalyse des Preismanagements – Ziele des Preismanagements – Strategisches Preismanagement – Operatives Preismanagement – Preisrealisierung – Preiscontrolling

C. Branchenspezifisches Preismanagement

Preismanagement des Handels – Preismanagement im Internet



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