Netzwerke und virtuelle Salons

Bedeutung und Erschließung politischer Briefe des 19. Jahrhunderts im digitalen Zeitalter

Networks and Virtual Drawing Rooms. Importance and Analysis of 19th Century's Political Letters in the Digital Age
2018. 2 Tab., 6 Abb.; 93 S.
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»Networks and Virtual Drawing Rooms«

Before the invention of the telephone, letters were the main medium of personal communication. Until today they are still the most insightful source of historical knowledge. In the 19th century personal letters had a far higher share of all letters sent than today. Those who frequently wrote letters, often sent five or ten every day – like today's e-mails. The book analyzes the conditions of mail communication since the Enlightenment, uses historical network research, and ponders on the relevance of letters for historical research on the 19th century.

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