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National Prosecution of International Crimes / Nationale Strafverfolgung völkerrechtlicher Verbrechen

Volume 5: Canada, Estonia, Greece, Israel, United States of America

2005. Tab.; IX, 541 S.
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ISBN 978-3-428-11776-5


This English-language volume presents the reports on Canada by Till Gut and Max Wolpert, Estonia by Andres Parmas and Tristan Ploom, Greece by Michalis G. Retalis, Israel by Mordechai Kremnitzer and Moshe A. Cohen and the United States of America by Emily Silverman. The studies provide an overview of the wide range of approaches to the punishment of international crimes: Canada has enacted an independent Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act, which penalizes acts of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. In Estonia, in contrast, these crimes are regulated directly in the Criminal Code itself. While the Estonian Criminal Code formulates the criminal offense definitions individually, the Canadian Act instead relies on references to customary international law. In Israel and the United States, crimes against Humanity can only be punished in terms of violations of ordinary criminal offenses, while acts of genocide are covered by special criminal offenses. As far as war crimes are concerned, the United States has created special criminal offenses, while in Israel war crimes can only be punished in terms of violations of the ordinary criminal law. In Greece, finally, there is no special legislation whatsoever covering international crimes.


Inhalt: U. Sieber, Foreword - A. Eser / U. Sieber / H. Kreicker, Preface of the Editors - A. Eser / H. Kreicker, Introduction to the Project - Question Catalogue and Outline - Prosecution of International Crimes: T. Gut / M. Wolpert, Canada - A. Parmas / T. Ploom, Estonia - M. G. Retalis, Greece - M. Kremnitzer / M. A. Cohen, Israel - E. Silverman, United States of America - Annex: Extracts from the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

Press Reviews

»Fazit [...]: zwei äußerst informative Bände eines beeindruckenden Forschungsprojekts, die eine Bereicherung nicht nur für jeden völkerstrafrechtlich Interessierten, sondern auch für die nationale und internationale Rechtsentwicklung darstellen.« Stefanie Bock, in: Zeitschrift für internationale Strafrechtsdogmatik, 1/2007

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