Marketing Communications
2021. 52 Abb.; 325 S.
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Behind marketing communications stand complex and complicated issues which are rarely formulated with the necessary theoretical depth and practical relevance. This is certainly not the case in this book, which provides an in-depth and comprehensive overview of the most important facets of marketing communications.

The book content is characterized by a clear composition and fair knowledge representation. The text design, numerous diagrams and a deep structure contribute to this. A special feature of this book is that in addition to all theoretical foundation, the transfer of application is always sought through practical examples.

»Marketing communications« in the German original version is one of the established introductory books in this domain. The English edition now offers also non-native speakers a meaningful insight into this topic. It is aimed at students as well as young professionals, career shifters and ascenders in the subject from a German perspective.


1. Basics of communication: Principles of communication – Communication process – Terms of communication
2. Cornerstones for marketing communications: Variety of forms – Advertising goals – Advertising objects – Advertising budget – Advertising period and timing – Advertising area and density – Meaning and representation of the brand
3. Advertising campaign formatting: Determination of target groups – Benefit promise in advertising – Style components in advertising – Requirements for good practice advertising
4. Media of classical advertising: Advertising material adverts – Advertising material spots – Advertising material posters – Classical media profiles – Requirements for media selection – Media selection for classical advertising – Optimization of media performance – Special features of business advertising – Media implementation
5. Online advertising: Non-web applications – Web 1.0 applications – Web 2.0 applications – Mobile advertising
6. Non-classical advertising: Public relations – Live advertising – Direct advertising – Supporting activities – Intermediary comparison of non-classical advertising
7. Integrated marketing communications: Integration substance – Corporate identity – Public perception of the advertiser – International marketing communications – Advertising agency integration – Ethics in advertising
8. Marketing communications controlling: Measurement of advertising performance – Advertising impact prognosis – Advertising success prognosis – Advertising impact check – Advertising success check – Problems of advertising test methods
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