Law of the Sea at the Crossroads: The Continuing Search for a Universally Accepted Régime

Proceedings of an Interdisciplinary Symposium of the Kiel Institute of International Law July 10 to 14, 1990

1991. 542 S.
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Inhalt: J. Luis Jesus, Statement on the Issue of the Universality of the Convention - L. D. M. Nelson, The Preparatory Commission for the International Sea-Bed Authority and for the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea: An Evaluation - C. Maquieira, Statement on the Implementation of Resolution II of the Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea by the Preparatory Commission for the International Sea-Bed Authority - R. Wolfrum, Decision-making in the Council: An Assessment and Comparison - H. Thiel, Environmental Impact Resulting from Deep Sea-Bed Mining and Risk Assessment - B. Kwiatkowska / E. R. Agoes, Archipelagic Waters: An Assessment of National Legislation - G. Jaenicke, Joint Ventures for Sea-Bed Activities: A Viable Alternative - K. Dicke, Deciding upon the Budget of the United Nations: A Comparison - United Nations Office for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea, Budget of the International Sea-Bed Authority. The Provisions of the Law of the Sea Convention: An Assessment - K. Brockhoff, The Production Regulation of the Law of the Sea Convention: An Assessment and Alternatives - D. Tytgat, The Economic Adjustment System under Lomé, World Bank and Others: A Comparison - P. Roffe, Technology Issues in the International Agenda: A Review of Two Decades of Multilateral Deliberations in the United Nations and GATT - H.-J. Kiderlen, The Review Provisions of the UN Law of the Sea Convention and the Powers of the Review Conference - T. Treves, Deep Sea-Bed Mining: The Practice of the Pioneer Investors - F. Orrego Vicuña, State Practice and National Legislation Relating to the Exclusive Economic Zone, the Continental Shelf and Straits Used for International Navigation: Basic Trends - W. Plesmann / V. Röben, Marine Scientific Research: State Practice versus Law of the Sea? - O. Jalbert, Straddling Stocks, Protection of the Environment and Drug Control: Unsolved Problems of Coastal States' Powers and Obligations - J. E. Harders, Deep Sea-Bed Mining and the Protection of the Environment: Developments in Pollution Control, Responsibility and Liability - TUSCH Research Group, Research Perspectives on Protecting the Marine Environment during Deep-Sea Mining - J. Thiede / H. Bäcker, GEOMAR: A New Scientific Concept, a New Road to the Transfer of Technology


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