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Jahrbuch für Recht und Ethik / Annual Review of Law and Ethics

Bd. 17 (2009). Themenschwerpunkte: I. Kants Friedensschrift / Kant's Peace Project. Mithrsg. von Ib Martin Jarvad. II. Kompensation / Compensation. Mithrsg. von Melissa Lane

2009. Abb.; X, 458 S.
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The papers on Kant's vision of peace in Part I of this volume are a selection of the papers presented at the Conference "Kant's Vision of Peace in his Zum Ewigen Frieden" that was held at Carlsberg Academy, Copenhagen August 2006. Part II of this volume, focusing on "compensation", grew out of a Common Security Forum project on Partnership and Security (2004-2009), funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.


Inhalt: I. Kants Friedensschrift / Kant's Peace Project: A. R. Bernstein, Kant, Rawls, and Cosmopolitanism: "Toward Perpetual Peace" and "The Law of Peoples" - G. Harste, Kant's "Theory of European Integration". Kant's "Toward Perpetual Peace" and changing forms of separated powers in the evolution of military and politics - M. C. Jacobsen, Kant and the Modern State System - I. M. Jarvad, A Critical Examination of the Premises for Kant's Hypothesis that Citizens in Well Ordered Republics will be Adverse to Military Adventures - R. Lettevall, Turning Golden Coins into Loose Change. Philosophical, Political and Popular Readings of Kant's "Zum ewigen Frieden" - K. Lippert-Rasmussen, Kant on the Asymmetry Between Standing Armies and Citizens' Militias - J. Dahl Rendtorff, Enlightened Cosmopolitanism. Kant as a Mediator in the Debate Between Communitarianism and Liberalism - R. M. Schott, Kant and Arendt on Hospitality - H. Williams, Is Just War Theory Merely for Sorry Comforters? - II. Kompensation / Compensation: M. Lane, Introduction: The Political and Interpersonal Roles of Compensation: Bringing Ethics into Focus in Public and Private Law - J. Moses, Accidents at Work, Security and Compensation in Industrialising Europe: The cases of Britain, Germany and Italy, 1870-1925 - C. McKinnon, Climate Change and Corrective Justice - C. Grant, Compensation and the Exercise of Rights - J. McLean, Damages and Human Rights: A Changing Relationship Between Citizen and State? - P. Bou-Habib, Torts, Markets, and Equality - D. Squires, The Consequences of Public Authority Negligence Liability - III. Abhandlungen / Articles: T. Crofts, Labelling Homicides - J. Meier, Die Tätergemeinschaft als logisches Problem mit einem Lösungsvorschlag nach G. H. von Wright - IV. Diskussionsforum / Discussion Forum: H.-U. Hoche, Bieri über die Zukunft der analytischen Philosophie. Eine unerlässliche Entgegnung

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