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Jahrbuch für Recht und Ethik / Annual Review of Law and Ethics

Bd. 6 (1998). Themenschwerpunkt: Altruismus und Supererogation / Altruism and Supererogation

1999. Abb.; VIII, 292 S.
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The sixth volume of the Annual Review of Law and Ethics is devoted to the ethics and legal ramifications of altruistic and supererogatory conduct. It considers the historical origin of the concepts, their internal logic and its relation to the concept of duty, their relevance within a theory of state and of international relations between states, and their basis from the point of view of modern theories of evolutionary psychology.


Inhalt: H. M. Hurd, Duties Beyond the Call of Duty - M. Baum, Probleme der Begründung Kantischer Tugendpflichten - M. Baron, Imperfect Duties and Supererogatory Acts - D. O. Dahlstrom, Die altruistische Einstellung - J. Hruschka, Supererogation and Meritorious Duties - M. S. Moore, Liberty and Supererogation - J. C. Joerden, On the Logic of Supererogation - K. Dicke, Freundschaftliche Beziehungen zwischen Staaten: ein altruistisches oder ein rechtliches Prinzip der internationalen Beziehungen? - R. Gröschner, Optimieren statt obligieren. Altruismus und Supererogation im Verfassungsstaat des Grundgesetzes - M. P. Golding, Altruism, Evolutionary Psychology, and the Genealogy of Morals - R. Hardin, The Dear Self and Others - K. R. Monroe / K. Mathiesen / J. Craypo, If Moral Action Flows Naturally from Identity and Perspective, Is It Meaningful to Speak of Moral Choice? Virtue Ethics and Rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust - U. Thiele, Kants dreidimensionaler Vernunftbegriff des öffentlichen Rechts und seine Problematik

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