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Jahrbuch für Recht und Ethik / Annual Review of Law and Ethics

Bd. 5 (1997). Themenschwerpunkt: 200 Jahre Kants »Metaphysik der Sitten« / 200th Anniversary of Kant's »Metaphysics of Morals«

1998. Frontispiz; VIII, 578 S.
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The fifth volume of the "Annual Review of Law and Ethics" is in commemoration of Mary Gregor (1928-1994), one of the most renowned Kant scholars in the United States. The essays it contains relate primarily to Kant's "Metaphysics of Morals", which celebrated its 200th anniversary in 1997. Of particular emphasis is the distinction it draws between law and ethics.


Inhalt: B. S. Byrd, To the Memory of Mary Gregor 1928-1994 - Mary Gregor, Bibliography - B. Ludwig, Die 'praktische Vernunft': ein hölzernes Eisen? Zum Verhältnis von Voluntarismus und Rationalismus in Kants Moralphilosophie - D. Heyd, Moral and Legal Luck. Kant's Reconciliation with Practical Contingency - J. C. Joerden, Der Widerstreit zweier Gründe der Verbindlichkeit. Konsequenzen einer These Kants für die strafrechtliche Lehre von der "Pflichtenkollision" - D. O. Dahlstrom, Ethik, Recht und Billigkeit - M. Kaufmann, The Relation between Right and Coercion: Analytic or Synthetic? - N. Gillespie, Wrongful Risks and Unintended Consequences - H. F. Fulda, Kants Begriff eines intelligiblen Besitzes und seine Deduktion ("Metaphysische Anfangsgründe der Rechtslehre", § 6) - P. Guyer, Kantian Foundations for Liberalism - K. R. Westphal, Do Kant's Principles Justify Property or Usufruct? - B. Kiehl, The One Innate Right - M. Willaschek, Why the "Doctrine of Right" does not belong in the "Metaphysics of Morals". On some Basic Distinctions in Kant's Moral Philosophy - G. Geismann, Die Grundlegung des Vernunftstaates der Freiheit durch Hobbes - H. F. Fulda, Kants Postulat des öffentlichen Rechts (RL § 42) - T. E. Hill, Jr., Kant on Punishment: A Coherent Mix of Deterrence and Retribution? - S. Williams Holtman, A Kantian Approach to Prison Reform - P. Kleingeld, Kants politischer Kosmopolitismus - H. Bielefeldt, Towards a Cosmopolitan Framework of Freedom: The Contribution of Kantian Universalism to Cross-Cultural Debates on Human Rights - R. N. Johnson, Kant's Conception of Virtue - M. Timmons, Decision Procedures, Moral Criteria, and the Problem of Relevant Descriptions in Kant's Ethics - T. Nenon, The Highest Good and the Happiness of Others - N. Potter, The Synthetic a priori Proposition of Kant's Ethical Philosophy - R. J. Sullivan, The Positive Role of Prudence in the Virtuous Life - H. Robinson, Decision Time - U. Scheffler, Die "Heiligkeit des Lebens" in der Philosophie. Eine juristische Kritik - N. Potter, Supererogation and Overdetermination in Kant's Ethics: Analysis and Interpretation at their Best in Baron - S. Kershnar, The Basis of Deserved Punishment is a Culpable Wrongdoing

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