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Jahrbuch für Recht und Ethik / Annual Review of Law and Ethics

Bd. 4 (1996). Themenschwerpunkt: Bioethik und Medizinrecht / Bioethics and the Law

1996. Tab., Abb.; IX, 650 S.
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This volume of the "Annual Review of Law and Ethics" is primarily devoted to the topic "Bioethics and the Law". It includes the contributions of behavioral scientists, biologists, economists, lawyers, medical ethicists, physicians, philosophers and political scientists from the nations of Austria, Chile, Germany, Israel, Japan, Spain and the United States. Although each volume of the "Annual Review" emphasizes one particular topic, it does not exclude other areas of interest within the general framework of law and ethics. Accordingly, this volume also includes articles generally addressing issues of normative ethics.


Inhalt: E. Wright Clayton, Problems Posed by Genetics for Law and Ethics: American Policies - G. Herranz, The Development and Dispersion of Technologies for Diagnosis of Genetic Diseases: A European Response - A. E. Sippel, Gene Therapy. A New Medical Technique and Points to Consider - R. B. Dworkin, Law and Ignorance: Genetic Therapy and the Legal Process - H.-M. Sass, Copernican Challenge of Genetic Prediction in Human Medicine - R. Kielstein, Clinical and Clinical-Ethical Aspects of Genetic Prediction. The Case: Hereditary Kidney Disorders - F. M. Kamm, Genetic Therapy, Disability and Enhancement - H. Kliemt, Pränataldiagnostik und genetisches Screening im freiheitlich-demokratischen Rechtsstaat - K. N. Hylton, The Law and Ethics of Organ Sales - L. R. Cohen / M. Michelsen, The Efficiency / Equity Puzzle and the Race Issue in Kidney Allocation: A Reply to Ayres, et al. and UNOS - D. Heyd, Experimentation on Trial. Why Should One Take Part in Medical Research? - J. C. Joerden, Should We Take Part in Medical Research? A Commentary on David Heyd's "Experimentation on Trial" - R. Cohen-Almagor, Patients' Right to Die in Dignity and the Role of Their Beloved People - D. Spitz, Collaboration Between Psychiatrist and Patient: How Avoidable is Paternalism? - M. Kettner, Discourse Ethics and Health Care Ethics Committees - D. Giesen, Patient-Physician Communication and the Law's Requirements - G. Wolfslast, Aufklärungspflicht zwischen Informationsrecht und begrenzter Belastbarkeit des Patienten - U. Wiesing, Die Integrität der Arztrolle in Zeiten des Wandels - H.-M. Sass, Regelungsbedarf bei Patientenverfügungen und klinisch-ethischen Entscheidungskonflikten? - L. S. Rothenberg / J. F. Merz / N. S. Wenger / M. Kagawa-Singer / D. R.J. Macer / N. Tanabe / S. Fukuhara / K. Kurokawa / H. L. Fuenzalida-Puelma / P. Figueroa / J. G. Meran / E. Bernat / T. Hosaka / G. N. Marshall, The Relationship of Clinical and Legal Perspectives Regarding Medical Treatment Decision-Making in Four Cultures - J. G. Meran, Advance Directives and Surrogate Decision Making. Ethical Questions, Legal Response and Clinical Summary - E. Bernat / H.-G. Koch / A. Meisel, Das "Patiententestament" und der "Stellvertreter in Gesundheitsangelegenheiten". Ein Vergleich des deutschen, amerikanischen und japanischen Rechts - H.-M. Sass / F. O. Bonkovsky / A. Akabayashi / R. Kielstein / R. S. Olick, Advance Health Care Documents in Multicultural Perspectives - M. Powers / C. Kaminsky / M. Hayashi, AIDS and Advance Directives: Clinical, Legal and Ethical Perspectives in Japan, Germany and the United States - R. S. Olick / R. Kimura / J. T. Kielstein / H. Hayashi / M. Riedl / M. Siegler, Advance Care Planning and the ALS Patient: A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Advance Directives - R. S. Olick, A Disease-Specific Advance Directive for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Patients - M. Gruter / R. D. Masters, Balancing Altruism and Selfishness: Evolutionary Theory and the Foundation of Morality - M. Kaufmann, Ethikbegründung und Ethikanwendung - G. B. Herbert, John Locke: Natural Rights and Natural Duties - W. Greve, Schiedsrichter der Schuld? Die Grenzen einer empirischen Psychologie der Be- und Entschuldigung

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