Internationally Administered Territories – International Protectorates?

An Analysis of Sovereignty over Internationally Administered Territories with Special Reference to the Legal Status of Post-War Kosovo

2006. 2 Abb.; 260 S.
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The author begins his survey by offering the reader an overview of the concepts of »physical control over a territory« and »territorial sovereignty«. He then moves on to examine different scenarios in which territories have been administered by an organ representing the international community and explains how the issue of sovereignty was dealt with in each of these cases. In this context, the author offers a fascinating review of the recent case of Kosovo under UN administration describing the intricacies associated therewith. After thoroughly examining both the legal and factual situations, he evaluates the impact of the conclusions developed in the preceding chapters on the present and future status of this province. The author finally explores the relationship between the principle of democracy and the phenomenon of international territorial administrations, which he considers to be an example of »international governance«.


Inhaltsübersicht: A. Introduction: Presentation of Case Study - Methodology - B. The Notion "Sovereignty": The Persisting Importance of the Concept of State Sovereignty - Material Interpretation of Sovereignty - Formal Interpretation - Distinction Between Different Levels of Sovereignty - Territorial Sovereignty as a Feature of Sovereignty - Conclusion - C. Historical Examples: The Free City of Danzig (1920-1939) - The Saar Territory (1920-1935) - Leticia (1933-1934) - The Free Territory of Trieste - Jerusalem - West Irian - Namibia (South West Africa) - East Timor - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Results - D. Kosovo: Introduction - The Legal Framework - The Factual Scenario - The Future Status of Kosovo - Summary - E. The Principle of Democracy and the International Administration of Territories: The Conflict Between the International Administration of Territories and Democracy - The UN's Commitment to Democracy - Limits on Democracy - Limits on the Suspension of Democratic Rights - Conclusion - F. Conclusion: Different Forms of International Territorial Administrations - The Two Conflicting Trends - The Interaction Between the Trends - Outlook - Bibliography - Index

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