Governance-Strukturen im Energierecht
Governance Structures in Energy Law
2019. 241 S.
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»Governance Structures in Energy Law«

The thesis analyses the structures of interrelation between public and private actors in European Energy Law and evaluates their democratic impact. Even if one accepts the described governance perspective in the jurisdiction of Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court and the openness to the development of democratic principles, the decreasing influence of public actors in Energy Law leads to legal problems – in all three branches of government (executive, legislative, and judiciary).



1. Begrifflich-konzeptionelle Grundlagen einer rechtswissenschaftlichen Governance-Analyse, insbesondere im Energiebereich

Wandel in der Energiewirtschaft – Das Governance-Konzept im Energiebereich

2. Governance-Strukturen im Energierecht

Governance-Strukturen im Bereich der Rechtsetzung – Governance-Strukturen im Bereich der Exekutive – Governance-Strukturen im Bereich der Rechtsprechung


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