German Yearbook of International Law / Jahrbuch für Internationales Recht

Vol. 36 (1993)

1994. 585 S.
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Inhalt: K. M. Meessen, Legal Craftsmanship and Political Vision: Wilhelm A. Kewenig's Contributions to the Doctrine of International Law - Sir A. Watts, The International Rule of Law - Y. Dinstein, Some Reflections on Extradition - S. Hobe, Law of Asylum: Solution to the Migration Problem? A Study Concerning Aspects of Public International and European Law with Regard to Aliens and Asylum under Special Consideration of the Law of the European States and the United States of America - M. Kirilova Eriksson, The Legal Position of the Unborn Child in International Law - M. C. Maffei, Evolving Trends in the International Protection of Species - D. Vidas, Antarctic Tourism: A Challenge to the Legitimacy of the Antarctic Treaty System? - B. Kwiatkowska, Judge Shigeru Oda's Opinions in Law-of-the-Sea Cases: Equitable Maritime Boundary Delimitation - I. D. Hendry, The Third Pillar of Maastricht: Cooperation in the Fields of Justice and Home Affairs - M. Newcity, Russian Intellectual Property Reform: Towards a Market Paradigm - F. Elbe, Resolving the External Aspects of German Unification. The "two-plus-four" process - S. Walther, Thou shalt not (but thou mayest): Abortion after the German Constitutional Court's 1993 Landmark Decision - U. Heinz, Die Rechtsprechung des Internationalen Gerichtshofes in den Jahren 1991 und 1992 - J. Niewerth, Die Tätigkeit der International Law Commission in den Jahren 1991 und 1992 - D. Krantz, Bericht über die Tätigkeit des Europarates im Jahre 1992 - T. H. Sveinsson, Activities of the Nordic Council 1990-1992 - K. J. Partsch, New Findings on the Right of Self-Determination for Tibet?

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