German Influences on American Economic Thought and American Influences on German Economic Thought

Deutsche Einflüsse auf amerikanisches wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Denken und amerikanische Einflüsse auf deutsches Wirtschaftsdenken. Studien zur Entwicklung der ökonomischen Theorie XXXII

2017. 5 Tab.; 447 S.
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The focus of the nine contributions is on the mutual influences between German and American economic thought. Whereas in the period between 1871 and 1914 the Humboldtian research university was a main attractor for younger American scientists who went to Germany for (post-) graduate studies, WW I and particularly the Nazi period contributed to a decisive shift in the direction of the transfer of knowledge in economics. Émigré economists from Germany and Austria made major contributions to the »Americanization« of economics after WW II.

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Mark Perlman
The Rise and Development of the American University System

Helge Peukert
Richard Theodore Ely. Christian solidarist, initiator of the American Economic Association, fountainhead of critical old institutionalism, and the ›midwife‹ from Germany

Erich W. Streissler
An American Transformation. John Bates Clark's »Pure Theory« of »Natural« Wages and Interest

Nicholas W. Balabkins
American Students in Germany, 1871–1914. A Retrospective View

Hansjörg Klausinger
The Austrian Economists and the New Deal, 1933–1945

Harald Hagemann
Emigrierte deutschsprachige Wirtschaftswissenschaftler in den USA nach 1933

Karl-Heinz Schmidt
Patterns of Economic Thought in German-American Research Cooperation after World War II – the »Rencontres de St-Gall« and other cases

Hauke Janssen
Milton Friedman und die »monetaristische Revolution« in Deutschland

Peter Spahn
Wie der Monetarismus nach Deutschland kam. Zum Paradigmenwechsel der Geldpolitik in den frühen 1970er Jahren

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