From Founder to Manager

15 Lessons on Business Administration for Start-ups in Germany

From Founder to Manager
2024. 5 Tab., 47 Abb.; 193 S.
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Many founders start a business without any prior knowledge of economics. Although they usually have a high level of practical knowledge and great motivation, a lack of economic experience often thwarts their potential success. This requires a change in self-image from idealistic founder to expert manager. Reading this volume will help to pave the way.

It presents the essential contents of entrepreneurship in a practical and clear manner. This volume concentrates on the basic business knowledge relevant to entrepreneurship with a scientific foundation and a high level of implementation competence. Many examples, illustrations, concrete tips etc. support the explanations. Due to the international nature of this business sector, the text is written in English. All this distinguishes this volume from numerous other publications in the genre and makes it unique on the market as a problem solver.


1. Economic basics of the business start-up

2. Constitutive framework for business start-ups

3. Activity basis of the young enterprise

4. Finding an innovative business idea

5. Business processes in the young enterprise

6. Basic informational functions in operation

7. Basic monetary functions in the enterprise

8. Basic physical functions in operation

9. Market performance as a bottleneck

10. Success controlling in the young enterprise

11. Strategy concept in the young enterprise

12. Start-up funding as a bottleneck

13. Business plan as a milestone

14. Development perspectives of the young enterprise

15. Overcoming an early crisis in the young enterprise

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