Fritz Hartung – Korrespondenz eines Historikers zwischen Kaiserreich und zweiter Nachkriegszeit
2019. XIV, 889 S.
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ISBN 978-3-428-15731-0
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Fritz Hartung (1883–1967), professor at the Universities of Halle, Kiel and Berlin, was one of the most prominent German historians of his time. His books, especially the frequently published »German constitutional history«, were standard works for decades. Hartung, not a follower of the Weimar Republic, was also averse to National Socialism and repeatedly aroused the unwillingness of the Nazi rulers. After 1945, although living in West Berlin, he worked for the Academy of Sciences in East Berlin. Thus, he soon became a mediator of divided German historical science of the postwar period.


Fritz Hartung – Persönlichkeit und Lebenswerk. Einleitung von Hans-Christof Kraus

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Briefe 1906–1964

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