Existence in the Details

Theory and Methodology in Existential Anthropology. Translated by Matthew Cunningham

2015. Tab., Abb.; 119 S.
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This book is an anthropology book, not a social and cultural anthropology book, but an existential anthropology book. It presents a critique of the theories and methods of the social sciences, which Albert Piette reproaches for side-stepping human beings, their modes of being and more generally the fact of existing. The book also offers an original combination of methods for exploring the details of existence: the particularities of each person in a group, the succession of situations in a day, and the subtlety of moments of presence. It gives rise to new theoretical propositions on what constitutes the specificity of human existence and social life.



Part One: Wholes and Particularities

I. A critique of the operation of the social sciences: 1. The »good« sociological object – 2. Cultural ethnography and interactional ethnography
II. Leftovers of details: a photographic experiment
III. What is the minor mode of the reality?

Part Two: Existence and Days

I. Displacement and continuity
II. Plurality, laterality, singularity
III. Existential anthropology: from sociology to nonsociology

Part Three: Presences and Intensities

I. »Entering into« presence
II. Reposity chart and intensitometry
III. Mitigated humans: what can be concluded?
IV. Phenomenographic paths for analyzing presence



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