Empty Voting und Hidden (Morphable) Ownership

Die Entkopplung des Stimmrechts des Aktionärs einer börsennotierten Aktiengesellschaft von der wirtschaftlichen Betroffenheit

Empty Voting and Hidden (Morphable) Ownership. Decoupling of Voting Rights of a Shareholder in a Listed Company from his Economic Exposure
2015. 531 S.
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»Empty Voting and Hidden (Morphable) Ownership«

In this study, the author examines in detail the phenomena of empty voting and hidden (morphable) ownership. While the former describes the exercise of voting rights on a shareholders' meeting without (fully) bearing the economic risk usually attached to share ownership, the latter means taking on shareholder-like economic risks without having access to corresponding voting rights (in order to avoid any disclosure under the major shareholdings notification regime in preparation of a takeover of the target company).


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2. Genese des new vote buying

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4. Rechtliche Bestandsaufnahme

5. Diskussion de lege ferenda

6. Zusammenfassung

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