Eichmann in Jerusalem – 50 Years After

An Interdisciplinary Approach

2012. 199 S.
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On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the end of the Eichmann trial, the Law Faculty of the University of Lisbon organized and hosted an international colloquium on the book »Eichmann in Jerusalem« that took place on April 27–28, 2011, in Lisbon. The main purpose was to evoke Hannah Arendt's oeuvre and to reflect upon the Eichmann trial. »Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil« is indeed an important keystone to understanding Arendt's work as a whole and constitutes a reference point in itself when addressing crucial problems in the fields of criminal law, international criminal law and philosophy of law. The main contributions, recollected for publication in the present English edition, give a rare opportunity for a kaleidoscopic and pluralistic series of views, made possible since her book gives an excellent lesson to experts in law and maintains an astonishing actuality. The present book covers aspects as broad and diverse as facing the evil; the legal and the political in Hannah Arendt; Eichmann in Jerusalem and Hannah Arendt's oeuvre; the Eichmann trial; reflections starting from Eichmann in Jerusalem; and finally, contemporary experiences of transitional justice.


Facing the Evil

Maria Fernanda Palma
The Banality of Evil or the Exceptionality of Good in Totalitarian Societies

Paulo Otero
The Eichmann Trial: Evil as a Reaction Against Evil?

Hannah Arendt, the Legal and the Political

Alexandre Franco de Sá
From the Total State to Totalitarianism: Carl Schmitt and Hannah Arendt

Massimo La Torre
Hannah Arendt and the Concept of Law: Against the Tradition

Rui Guerra da Fonseca
Eichmann in Jerusalem: Between the Legal and the Political in Hannah Arendt's Thought

Eichmann in Jerusalem and Hannah Arendt's Oeuvre

António Araújo
Hannah Arendt, Adolf Eichmann: Of Radical Evil and Its Banality

Luís Pereira Coutinho
The Banality of Evil as Absence of Law

Miguel Nogueira de Brito
When Thinking Is Acting: The Concept of the Banality of Evil as a Key to Hannah Arendt's Political Thought

The Eichmann Trial

Paulo de Sousa Mendes
Judging Eichmann to Render Justice

Kai Ambos
Some Considerations on the Eichmann Case

Miguel Galvão Teles
50 Years On Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Specific Mode of Criminal Law Retroactivity

Reflections Starting from Eichmann in Jerusalem

Augusto Silva Dias
The Milgram Experiment and Criminal Liability: An Essay on the Banality of Evil

Cristina García Pascual
Can Absolute Evil Be Brought to Justice?

Contemporary Experiences of Transitional Justice

Pablo Galain Palermo and Álvaro Garreaud
Truth Commissions and the Reconstruction of the Past in the Post-Dictatorial Southern Cone: Concerning the Limitations for Understanding Evil

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