Die Letzte Epoche der Philosophie in ihrer Kern-Phase

Hrsg. von Martín Zubiria / Marcus Brainard

2016. 157 S.
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This series of lectures systematically presents the philosophical positions of Kant, Fichte and Hegel as an entity of rationes rather than focusing on the schools of thought established by each. A novelty in itself, this is surpassed by the unique insight that philosophy presents an answer to a knowledge concerning the destination of man as defined in the historical epochs of our tradition. In this case, in the core phase of the final epoch, it is the ›civic knowledge in the service of duty and liberty‹ as defined by Rousseau, Schiller and Hölderlin.



I. Einleitung

II. Vernunft-Unterschiede der letzten Epoche I

III. Vernunft-Unterschiede der letzten Epoche II

IV. Rousseau I

V. Rousseau II

VI. Rousseau III

VII. Rousseau und Kant

VIII. Schiller

IX. Schiller und Fichte

X. Hölderlin

XI. Hölderlin und Hegel

Anleitendes. Ein Vor- wie ein Nach-Wort

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