Der Charakter, die Herrschaft, das Wissen

Begegnungen im Zeitalter der Imperien

Character, Imperial Rule, Knowledge. Encounters in the Age of Imperialism
2016. 12 Abb. (darunter 5 farbige); 91 S.
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»Character, Imperial Rule, Knowledge«

Character-building, imperial rule, and the acquisition of knowledge are understood as important factors for understanding individual lives in the context of empires around 1900. The book studies the role of the cricket player and maharaja jam sahib of Navanangar, Ranjitsinhji Vibhaji, who is quite representative for an elitist positioning of India within the British Empire. Further the book advocates a comparison of empires in order to further our knowledge of European imperialism against the background of global entanglements reflecting on expansionism as both a process of conflict and cooperation.



I. Annäherungen. Themen: Imperiale Biographien

II. Besichtigungen. Spielen: Cricket

III. Begegnungen. Panoramen: Imperienvergleiche



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