Das Interdikt in der europäischen Vormoderne
2021. 5 Abb.; 552 S.
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»The Interdict in Premodern Europe«

The local interdict in the sense of a temporary deprivation of pastoral care and sacramental rites within a specific territory (church, town, diocese, dominion) played, alongside excommunication, a crucial part within the arsenal of ecclesiastical sanctions. From the High Middle Ages to the 17th century, the interdict formed an integral part of how the practices of liturgy and piety were experienced in Latin Europe. Additionally, this widespread mode of ecclesiastic penal practice contained a particular potential for conflicts. Interdicts evoked an ominous test of loyalty and conscience within each and every believer which provoked desired (putting pressure upon authorities) and undesired scenarios of possible reaction (heresy, religious ›obstinacy‹).
This volume extrapolates the analytic potential of the interdict as a specifically pre-modern cross-sectional phenomenon in the scope of a trans-European comparison, uncovering even-handedly ecclesiastical, legal and socio-historical perspectives.

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