Control of Supreme Courts in Early Modern Europe
2018. Tab., Abb.; 325 S.
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The volume is the result of two workshops that dealt with the control of the highest courts in early modern Europe. The individual lectures examined which mechanisms of control in terms of concept and content were used in the early modern period and which actors were involved. The speakers considered the situation in the Holy Roman Empire, the Iberian Peninsula, Scotland and Sweden. A contribution defining control from a jurisprudential point of view, serves as an introduction.


I. Meeting Berlin

Bertram Lomfeld
Watching the Watchmen. Power Analyses of Democratic Judicial Systems

Ulrike Müßig
Control of Courts by Prerogative Writs. Jurisdictional Conflicts as »Constitutional« Conflicts

J. D. Ford
Epistolary Control of the College of Justice in Scotland

Wolfgang Sellert
New Findings Regarding the Influence of the Ruler on the Supreme Jurisdiction in the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation

Mia Korpiola
Swedish Court under Scrutiny: An Inspection of the Svea Court of Appeal in 1636

Mark Godfrey
Control and the Constitutional Accountability of the College of Justice in Scotland, 1532–1626

José Antonio López Nevot
The Visitatio Generalis Magistratuum in the Decisiones of Juan Bautista Larrea (1639)

Miguel Angel Morales Payàn
The Complex Relations Between the Executive and the Judiciary: Some Scenes of Dispute During the Mid-19th Century

II. Meeting Granada

Anja Amend-Traut
External and Internal Control of the Imperial Chamber Court

J. D. Ford
Control of the Procedure of the College of Justice in Scotland

Marina Rojo Gallego-Burín
La Imagen de Fernando el Católico y la Justicia. En la Literatura Histórica y Política (Siglos XVI–XVII)

Wolfgang Sellert
Kontrolle gerichtlicher Entscheidungen durch Nichtigkeitsklagen und Nichtigkeitsbeschwerden – ihre Geschichte und ihr Missbrauch im Nationalsozialismus

José Antonio Pérez Juan
Notes on ›la Visita‹ to Castille

José Antonio López Nevot
La exigencia de responsabilidad del Justicia de Aragón: el proceso de Enquesta

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