Compliance und Stakeholder

Compliance in der öffentlichen Berichterstattung internationaler Unternehmen

Compliance and Stakeholder. Compliance in the Public Reporting of International Companies
2023. 6 Tab., 24 Abb.; 390 S.
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»Compliance and Stakeholder. Compliance in the Public Reporting of International Companies«: Alongside a wide range of legal and economic incentive structures for setting up a compliance management system, this thesis also analyzes the external compliance communication of Euro Stoxx 50 and Dow Jones companies to stakeholders, such as investors or business partners, by evaluating their annual and sustainability reports. As part of this, numerous qualitative examples of the public presentation of compliance objectives and measures are highlighted.


A. Einleitung

B. Grundlagen des Compliance-Managements

C. Rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen des Compliance-Managements

D. Anreizstrukturen zur Einrichtung von Compliance-Management-Systemen

E. Marktreaktion auf rechtliche Compliance-Bestrebungen

F. Compliance-Management-Systeme in der Berichterstattungspraxis

G. Beantwortung der Thesen über die öffentliche Berichterstattungspraxis

H. Ergebnisse der Arbeit

I. Abschließende Würdigung


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