Ciceros Topica und sein Programm De iure civili in artem redigendo
Cicero’s Topica and his Program ›de iure civili in artem redigendo‹
2023. II, 291 S.
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»Cicero’s Topica and his Program ›de iure civili in artem redigendo‹«: Methodology and topics are booming in legal history and classical studies. Nevertheless, there is no overall analysis of Cicero's Topica, which combine law and rhetoric, topics and dialectic, systems thinking and individual case argumentation. The volume fills this gap with results of interdisciplinary research: as part of the program De iure civili in artem redigendo, the Topica offer a legal methodology, which, however, has not been received by the Roman jurists, who were more focused on interpretation and comparison of cases.


Wolfram Buchwitz und Matthias Ehmer
Ciceros Topica als Beitrag zu seinem Programm De iure civili in artem redigendo

Thomas Baier
Ciceros Topica: Philosophische Beispiele und forensische Praxis

Ralph Backhaus
Die Bedeutung der juristischen Beispiele in CIC. top. 9 bis 71

Matthias Ehmer
Ars dialectica oder ars extrinsecus adhibita – juristische Methodik in Ciceros Topica?

Constantin Willems
Graeci ἐτυμολογίαν appellant, […] nos autem […] notationem appellamus (CIC. top. 35): Das etymologische Argument in Ciceros Topica

Tobias Dänzer
System und Praxis: Ciceros Topica und Quintilians Institutio oratoria 5, 10

Wolfram Buchwitz
Juristische Methodik in Ciceros Topica und in Gaius’ Institutionen

Thomas Rüfner Methodischer Einfluss von Ciceros Topica auf die klassische Jurisprudenz in den Digesten

Francesco Verrico
I Topica di Cicerone quale contributo al suo programma De iure civili in artem redigendo


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