Biology, Culture, and Environmental Law
1993. Abb.; 268 S.
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Inhalt: M. T. McGuire / M. Rehbinder, Can Biology Inform Environmental Law? - Z. Madar, Environmental Protection: The Necessity of an Interdisciplinary Approach - M. Gruter, Ethology and Environmental Law - H. R. Trüeb, Economics and the Environment: The Case For Tradeable Emission Permits - M. T. McGuire, Environmental Protection, Improvement, and the Biology of Behaviour - U. D. Lemor, Developments in the Field of Environmental Liability and Insurance Within the EEC and Especially in Germany - M. Lehmann, The New German Act on Strict Liability for Environmental Damage. Some Internalization of Negative External Effects - A. Sajo, Property Rights and Environmental Prospects in Post-Communism - S. Zalygin, Ecological Problems in the USSR, as Seen by the State and the Public - A. S. Mishchenko, Experience from an Independant Examination of the Design Flood-Control Works in Leningrad (The Leningrad Dike) - N. G. Minashina, Ecological State of the Soils in the Aral Basin: Sources and Scope of the Crisis - M. I. Zelikin / A. S. Demidov, The Aral Crisis and Departmental Interests - B. V. Vinogradov, Ecological Crisis in the North-Western Caspian Area and an Agricultural and Ecological Alternative Program to Develop the Region - W. H. Rodgers, Jr., The Environmental Laws of the United States: Poison to be Shunned or Nourishment to be Embraced? - S. Low Bloch, The Evolution of American Environmental Regulation. The Impact of Political Structure and Culture on the Substance of the Law - M. T. McGuire, Modeling Legal Compliance for Environmental Law Using Concepts from Biology

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