Bank Credit, Money and Inflation in Open Economies

Proceedings of the Conference on Bank Credit, Money and Inflation in Open Economies held in Leuven on September 15–16, 1974

1976. VII, 624 S.
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Inhalt: K. Brunner, The Money Supply Process in Open Economies with Interdependent Security Markets: The Case of Imperfect Substitutability - M. Fratianni, Domestic Bank Credit, Money and the Open Economy - D. Heremans / A. Sommariva / A. Verheirstraeten, A Money and Bank Credit Model for Belgium - R. Vandeputte, Objectives and Tools of Monetary Policy in Belgium - L. Girton / D. W. Henderson, Critical Determinants of the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy in the Open Economy - B. Decaluwe / A. Steinherr, The Two-Tier Foreign Exchange Market in Belgium - F. Boll, Policy Implications of Alternative Two-Tier Exchange Rate Systems - P. De Grauwe, The Belgian Dual Exchange Market System: An Inequitable and Ineffective System - M. Gray / M. Parkin, Discriminating Between Alternative Explanations of Inflation - T. Willett / R. Sweeney, The International Transmission of Inflations: Mechanisms, Issues and Evidence - J. C. Pattison, International Inflationary Linkages and the Recent Experience in Individual Countries - A. H. Meltzer, The Monetary Approach to Inflation and the Balance of Payments: Theoretical and Empirical Contributions at the Leuven Conference

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