Artificial Intelligence and Legal Issues

A Review of AI-based Legal Impasses in Terms of Criminal Law

Artificial Intelligence and Legal Issues: A Review of AI-Based Legal Impasses in terms of Criminal Law
2023. 1 Tab., 8 Abb.; 214 S.
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»Artificial Intelligence and Legal Issues: A Review of AI-Based Legal Impasses in terms of Criminal Law«: The work interprets the criminal liability and legal status of AI entities. In addition to outlining and discussing the goals and necessary suitability of legal personhood, the substantive focus of the book is on the legal analysis of determining the legal status of future AI systems. It then explores the question of what penalties and punitive purposes could be applied for current and future advanced AI systems.


A. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

I. Descriptive Examination of Artificial Intelligence
Notions Related to Artificial Intelligence – Definitive Obstacles of AI Technologies and the Determiner Test
II. The Evolution and Historical Background of Artificial Intelligence
Pretechnological Era Developments – Modern Age Advancements

B. Legal Personhood of Artificial Intelligence Entities

I. Legal Personhood’s Pathway
The Concept of Legal Person and Legal Regulations Related to Personality – Legal Personhood Criteria
II. Legal Personhood of Artificial Intelligence Entities in the Future
Possible Grantable Legal Status in the Near Future – Probable Legal Status in the Far Future

C. Criminal Law Issues Related to Artificial Intelligence Technologies

I. Fundamental Elements of the Criminal Law System
The Journey of Punishment from Past to Present – Purposes of Punishment – Types of Punishment
II. Solutions for Liability Issues Related To AI Technologies in the Context of Criminal Law
Modern Day and Near Future Issues – Futuristic Elucidations for the Far Future Problems


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