Abrüstung als Wegbereiter der Wende in Europa
Disarmament as forerunner for Europ´s turnaround
2017. 70 S.
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»Disarmament as forerunner for Europ´s turnaround«

The end of the Cold War and the turnaround in Europe have only been possible as a result of a breakthrough in disarmament - in particular the double zero solution for medium-range nuclear missiles and the establishment of a balance between the conventional armed forces in Europe. Gorbachev needed disarmament - as he himself said - “as the key to our relationship with the West”, in order to overcome the self-isolation of the Soviet Union and to be accepted as a partner for his policy of perestroika. The West responded, and the reduction of military confrontation was synchronised with the reduction of political confrontation.

The author, Federal Government Commissioner for Disarmament from 1987 to 1995, describes the successful negotiations and their positive after-effects on the global security debate, which unfortunately soon declined. What follows is about the future opportunities for arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation.


A. Der Durchbruch

B. Die wichtigsten Verhandlungen

I. INF: Die »Nulllösung« für die nuklearen Mittelstreckenraketen – II. Modernisierung oder Abrüstung: Ein Gesamtkonzept – III. Die KSE-Verhandlungen – IV. Vertrauens- und Sicherheitsbildende Maßnahmen – V. Vertrag über den Offenen Himmel – VI. Der Abbau der nuklearstrategischen Potentiale – VII. Das Verbot chemischer Waffen – VIII. Die Verlängerung des Nuklearen Nichtverbreitungsvertrags (NVV)

C. Die Nachgeschichte

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