The Greek Crisis: A Greek Tragedy? (VJH 3/2015)
2015. S. 1–215.
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The seven year long, yet still on-going, Greek crisis continues because the Greek economy has not yet received the critical adjustments it needs. The current twin prescriptions of austerity measures designed to overcome the sovereign debt crisis mixed with often delayed reforms attempting to address the structural weaknesses of the country have achieved dubious results.

Twenty authors – from Greece, the Greek diaspora, and others with a strong interest in Greece – review the current situation and offer up reform ideas in this issue of the Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung. Investigating recent Greek developments, each contribution analyzes the crisis from a range of unique perspectives, each also offering up suggestions for pathways out of the crisis. Areas covered include the overregulation and bureaucratic hurdles impeding a more dynamic economy, as well as needed reforms on labor and product markets, or the tax system. Societal aspects of the crisis – in the areas of education and health care – are reviewed. A reform agenda fostering stronger long-term growth is presented, including business friendly institutions and cutting of red tape, a reorganization of public finances, and an expansion of the Greek industrial base by strong investments in a better innovation system.


Alexander S. Kritikos and Christian Dreger
The Greek Crisis: A Greek Tragedy?


Renate Neubäumer
The Prologue to the Greek Crisis


Klaus Schrader, David Benček and Claus-Friedrich Laaser
Saving Greece once again: Have we Reached the Root of the Crisis?

Episodes: Government Revenues, Expenditures and Debt Repayment

Sebastian Gechert and Ansgar Rannenberg
The Costs of Greece's Fiscal Consolidation

Dimitris Christelis
Wealth Taxation of Real Estate during the Greek Crisis: The Perils of Ignoring Market Signals

Gregory T. Papanikos
Taxing Wealth and only Wealth in an Advanced Economy with an Oversized Informal Economy and Vast Tax Evasion: The Case of Greece

Stasima: Specific Problems in Sectors and Institutions

Kaspar Richter, Gabriele Giudice and Angelo Cozzi
Product Market Reforms in Greece – Unblocking Investments and Exports

Vasiliki Bozani and Nick Drydakis
The Greek Economic Crisis, Labor Markets and Policies

Xeni Dassiou
Greece in Economic Crisis: The Case of Health and Education

Platon Yfantopoulos and John Yfantopoulos
The Greek Tragedy in the Health Sector: Social and Health Implications

Christian Dreger and Hans-Eggert Reimers
The Impact of Public Investment on Private Investment in the Euro Area


Alexander S. Kritikos and Marian Hafenstein
The Greek Crisis, a Tragedy without Catharsis?



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