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Proceedings of the 10th International Socio-Economic Panel User Conference (SOEP 2012) (JCE 2/2013)

Schmollers Jahrbuch, 133. Jahrgang (2013), Heft 2 (S. 117–343)

2013. S. 117–343.
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In summer 2012, we welcomed over 160 participants from 10 countries to the conference. Over two days, we had exciting discussions of 66 papers and 15 posters by economists, sociologists, psychologists, political scientists, geographers, and survey methodologists covering a wide range of research topics such as income inequality, well-being and happiness, social mobility, health and family issues, and intergenerational research. The Conference Program Committee, consisting of Janet Gornick, C. Katharina Spiess, Nicolas Ziebarth, and Jürgen Schupp, were responsible for selection and planning of the anniversary program. Many of the papers at this year's conference dealt with the distribution of social resources and its trends, causes, and consequences – a core interest shared by a large number of SOEP researchers. Some of these papers addressed specific questions of access to education and jobs, changes in upward social mobility, but also effects of unemployment and downward social mobility.


Jürgen Schupp, Janet Gornick, C. Katharina Spiess, and Nicolas Ziebarth
Editorial – SOEP 2012: The 10th International Socio-Economic Panel User Conference

Martin Adler and Kai Daniel Schmid
Factor Shares and Income Inequality. Empiral Evidence from Germany 2002–2008

Philipp M. Lersch
Long-Distance Moves and Employment of Women in Dual-Earner Couples in Britain and Germany

Michael Gebel
Is a Temporary Job Better Than Unemployment? A Cross-country Comparison Based on British, German, and Swiss Panel Data

Jan Brülle
Differential Employment Prospects among Atypical Employees: Effects of Type of Contract or Worker Preference?

Alexander Yendell
Participation in Continuing Vocational Training in Germany between 1989 and 2008

Veronika V. Eberharter
The Intergenerational Transmission of Occupational Preferences, Segregation, and Wage Inequality – Empirical Evidence from Europe and the United States

Thomas Rhein, Parvati Trübswetter, and Natascha Nisic
Is Occupational Mobility in Germany Hampered by the Dual Vocational System? The Results of a British-German Comparison

Belit Şaka
Internal Migration of Immigrants: Evidence from Western Germany

Fabian Kratz and Josef Brüderl
Returns to Regional Migration: Causal Effect or Selection on Wage Growth?

Ferdinand Geissler, Thomas Leopold, and Sebastian Pink
Gender Differences in Residential Mobility: The Case of Leaving Home in East Germany

Gerard J. van den Berg and Michèle A. Weynandt
Explaining Differences Between the Expected and Actual Duration Until Return Migration: Economic Changes

Dean R. Lillard and Anna Manzoni
International Migration as Occupational Mobility: The Case of Germany

Maike Schmitt
Subjective Well-Being and Air Quality in Germany

Anja Oppermann
The Impact of Educational Fields on Fertility in Western Germany

Sten Becker and Carolyn Stolberg
Ethnic Inequality in Preterm Birth

Adrian Chadi
Third Person Effects in Interview Responses on Life Satisfaction

Ruben de Bliek
Does Trust Pay Off?


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