KombiFiD – Combined Firm Data for Germany (JCE 3/2012)

Schmollers Jahrbuch, 132. Jahrgang (2012), Heft 3 (S. 359–471)

2012. S. 359–471.
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KombiFiD is an acronym that stands for Kombinierte Firmendaten für Deutschland. The project is financially supported by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF). It is a joint project of the Institute of Economics of Leuphana University Lueneburg, the research data centres of the German Federal Statistical Office and the statistical offices of the German federal states, the Institute of Employment Research of the Federal Employment Agency and the research department of the German Central Bank.

The aim of the KombiFiD project is to link firm level data that are collected or prepared by different institutions for the first time in Germany. Linking these confidential firm level data across the borders of the data producers is technically not easy and it is legal only if the firm agreed in written form. The basic idea of the project KombiFiD is to ask a large sample of firms from all parts of the economy to agree to match confidential micro data for these firms from three data producers (the Statistical Offices, the Federal Employment Agency, and the German Central Bank) in one data set. These matched data are made available for scientific research while strictly obeying the data protection law, i.e. without revealing micro level information to researchers outside the data producing agencies. The papers describe the project in detail, inform how to access the data and discuss the quality of the linked data.


Joachim Wagner
Editorial – KombiFiD – Combined Firm Data for Germany

Elena Biewen, Anja Gruhl, Christopher Gürke, Tanja Hethey-Maier, and Emanuel Weiß
»Combined Firm Data for Germany« – Possibilities and Consequences of Merging Firm Data from Different Data Producers

Joachim Wagner
The Quality of the KombiFiD-Sample of Enterprises from Manufacturing Industries: Evidence from a Replication Study

Alexander Vogel and Joachim Wagner
The Quality of the KombiFiD-Sample of Business Services Enterprises: Evidence from a Replication Study

Elena Biewen
KombiFiD: A First Glimpse of the Bundesbank Data

European Data Watch

Andrea Lengerer, Julia H. Schroedter, Mara Boehle, and Christof Wolf
The GESIS Microcensus-Trendfile – A New Database for the Study of Social Change

Rosemarie Kay and Peter Kranzusch
The IfM Bonn Founder Panel – Design and Research Potential

Daniela Hochfellner, Dana Müller, and Anja Wurdack
Biographical Data of Social Insurance Agencies in Germany – Improving the Content of Administrative Data

Wolfgang Keck and Chiara Saraceno
Multilinks Database on Intergenerational Policy Indicators

Roland Olbrich, Martin F. Quaas, and Stefan Baumgärtner
A Survey of Commercial Cattle Farmers in Semi-arid Rangelands of Namibia on Risk, Management and Sustainability


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