AEQ 4/2016
2016. S. 267–361.
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Christian Richter and Socrates Karidis
AEQ Special Issue: What are the Lessons from the Financial Crisis in the Eurozone?

Adelaide Duarte, Marta Simões, and João Sousa Andrade
The Welfare State and Economic Performance: Quantiles and Nonlinearities

Andreea Stoian, Laura Obreja Braşoveanu, Bogdan Dumitrescu, and Iulian Braşoveanu
Fiscal Vulnerability Sources: Empirical Evidence for the European Union

Christos Kallandranis and Socrates Karidis
»Voting with their Feet« in Times of Crisis: The Case of Southern Europe

Dimitrios Paparas, Christian Richter, and Hairong Mu
An Econometric Analysis of the Twin Deficits Hypothesis in Greece During the Period 1960–2014


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