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Visions of Justice

Liber Amicorum Mirjan Damaška

2016. Frontispiz; 469 S.
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This book is a collection of essays presented at the international conference »The Administration of Justice – Past Experience and Challenges for the Future«, held in May 2015 in Cavtat, Croatia in honour of Mirjan Damaška, Sterling Professor of Law at Yale Law School. The conference was co-organized by the University of Zagreb Faculty of Law, Professor Damaška's first academic home, and the Marija and Mirjan Damaška Foundation, established by him and his wife as expression of their affection towards their Alma Mater and Croatia. Twenty-six contributors – leading scholars in common law, civil law and the Far Eastern traditions – re-examine from different angles in an original, profound and insightful way all three key areas of his seminal and path-breaking monumental scholarship. The papers cover comparative and foreign procedure, the law of evidence and international criminal law, revealing the depth, richness and far-reaching nature of Damaška's opus. The conclusion is unanimous. In spite of decades that have passed the ideas and insights expressed in Damaška's scholarship did not lose their freshness and originality, moreover their influence continues today. Visions of Justice is an excellent piece of scholarship in its own right which will be of interest to criminal and evidence lawyers, as well as those with more general comparative interests.


Hrvoje Sikirić

Bruce Ackerman
My Debt to Mirjan Damaška

Kai Ambos
The International Criminal Justice System and Prosecutorial Selection Policy

Ennio Amodio
Rethinking Evidence under Damaška's Teaching

Teresa Armenta-Deu
Beyond Accusatorial or Inquisitorial Systems: A Matter of Deliberation and Balance

Károly Bárd
Can the Jury Survive after the Judgment of the European Court of Human Rights in Taxquet v. Belgium?

Steven G. Calabresi
The Comparative Constitutional Law Scholarship of Professor Mirjan Damaška: A Tribute

Oscar G. Chase
»Supreme« Courts and the Imagination of the Real: An Essay in Honor of Mirjan Damaška

Davor Derenčinović and Steven W. Becker
The Serbian War Crimes Act and Quasi-universal Jurisdiction – Reflections on an Unprecedented Jurisdictional Experiment

Zlata Ðurđević
Legal and Political Limitations of the ICC Enforcement System: Blurring the Distinctive Features of the Criminal Court

Izhak Englard
The Faces of Justice and State Authority: A Review of the Reviews

Albin Eser
Changing Structures: From the ICTY to the ICC

John D. Jackson
Re-visiting ›Evidentiary Barriers to Conviction and Models of Criminal Procedure‹ after Forty Years

Heike Jung
Rituals and Procedure

Máximo Langer
In the Beginning was Fortescue: On the Intellectual Origins of the Adversarial and Inquisitorial Systems and Common and Civil Law in Comparative Criminal Procedure

Mitchel de S.-O.-l'E. Lasser
On the Comparative Autonomy of Forms and Ideas

James G. Stewart
The Strangely Familiar History of the Unitary Theory of Perpetration

Katja Šugman Stubbs
An Increasingly Blurred Division between Criminal and Administrative Law

Michele Taruffo
Globalizing Procedural Justice – Some General Remarks

Stephen C. Thaman
Reanchoring Evidence Law to Formal Rules: A Step toward Protecting the Innocent from Conviction for Capital Crimes?

Ksenija Turković and Krešimir Kamber
One Face of Human Rights for Two Faces of Criminal Justice: A European Perspective

Zuo Weimin and Fu Xin
Legal Transplant in the Criminal Procedure Law of China: Experiences and Reflections

Harmen van der Wilt
The Continuing Story of the International Criminal Court and Personal Immunities

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