The Greek Penal Code

Law 1492 of 1950 in conjunction with Presidential Decree 283 of 1985 as of 28 February 2017. English translation by Vasiliki Chalkiadaki / Emmanouil Billis. Introduction by Emmanouil Billis

2017. XII, 237 S.
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Since the entry into force of the Greek Penal Code in 1951, the basic principles governing the substantive criminal law and the provisions on the general structure of the criminal offence have remained for the most part unaltered. Changes in the general part of the Penal Code have focused mainly on the sentencing provisions, the execution of punishments, and the rules referring to juvenile offenders. The special part of the Code, however, which consists of the individual definitions of criminal offences, has been widely amended several times. Efforts have always been made to adapt the law to modern socio-ethical, political, economic, and international developments, particularly in the fields of terrorism and corruption, as well as organized, white-collar, and sexual crime. This translation covers all the revisions and amendments of the last 35 years. The present volume also includes a systematic introduction to the basic characteristics and fundamental principles of criminal law and the Penal Code of Greece. As such, it is an indispensable resource for legal professionals, comparatists, and international scholars interested in the Greek criminal justice system.


Introduction to the basic characteristics and fundamental principles of the criminal law and Penal Code of Greece

General characteristics of the Greek criminal justice system – Historical and theoretical foundations of the Penal Code – Structure of the Penal Code: general and special part – General principles and rules of the Penal Code

The Greek Penal Code

First book: General part

The penal law —The punishable act – Attempt and participation – Punishments, measures of security, and compensation – Assessment of punishment – Conditional suspension of punishment and conditional release – Grounds for expunging punishability – Special provisions for minors

Second book: Special part

Offences against the system of government – Treason against the country – Criminal offences against foreign states – Criminal offences against the free exercise of political rights – Offences against state authorities – Violation of public order – Violation of the religious peace – Criminal offences concerning military service and the obligation to join the army – Currency-related criminal offences – Document-related criminal offences – Criminal offences related to the administration of justice – Service-related criminal offences – Criminal offences endangering the general public – Criminal offences against the safety of transport and telephone communications, and against public utilities – Criminal offences against life – Bodily harm – Dueling – Criminal offences against personal freedom – Criminal offences against sexual freedom and criminal offences related to commercial sexual exploitation – Criminal offences related to marriage and family – Criminal offences against honour – Breaches of confidentiality – Criminal offences against property – Criminal offences against assets – Begging and vagrancy – Petty violations – Final provisions

Third book: Transitional provisions


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