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The German Brewing Industry
2006. Tab., Abb.; XIV, 355 S.
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This book is a compilation of articles which emerged from the »Project Course M&A - the German Bewing Industry« at the European Business School, Oestrich-Winkel. The design of this project course has a special character. Departing from a single industry, the students were asked to filter and elaborate on relevant aspects of finance related to M&A activities in this industry.

Due to the underlying concept, the articles in this book cover a wide range of M&A-related topics. Starting with descriptive issues of brewing companies and deals, continuing with an empirical evaluation of trading and transaction valuation of aquirers and targets, going further to the issue of constructing industry indices and finally widening the focus to Central and Eastern European beer markets, this book provides insights into an industry which can hardly be found in one single source and in this compactness. On top, insights on depicted transactions are provided in the form of case studies.

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