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Petersen, Luca (Mitarb.)
The European Investigation Order

Legal Analysis and Practical Dilemmas of International Cooperation

2023. 1 Tab.; 286 S.
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This book is the last and final part of the project ›European Investigation Order – legal analysis and practical dilemmas of international cooperation - EIO-LAPD‹ in the EU Justice Programme. It presents a contribution to the European-wide discourse on how to enhance the effectiveness and the practical implementation of the Directive 2014/41/EU on the European Investigation Order in Criminal Matters of the European Parliament and of the Council of 3 April 2014 (EIO). Through national reports (Part I), the analysis of selected topics (Part II), and shorter case comments (Part III), the book’s objective is to equip target groups with specialised knowledge about the cross-border evidence gathering procedure described in the Directive 2014/41/EU. Unlike other parts of the project, this monograph is targeted at the legal community, students of law, NGOs and the interested public. Its goal is to achieve a greater inclusion of dilemmas connected with the practical application of the Directive into the legal and public discourse.


I. National Reports
Charlotte Genschel, Lara Schalk-Unger and Nikolina Kulundžija

The European Investigation Order – National Report Austria
Elizabeta Ivičević Karas, Zoran Burić, Marin Bonačić and Aleksandar Maršavelski
European Investigation Order In Croatia – Normative Framework and Practical Challenges
Kai Ambos, Peter Rackow and Alexander Heinze
The European Investigation Order – a German Perspective
Laura Scomparin, Valeria Ferraris, Andrea Cabiale, Caroline Peloso and Oscar Calavita
Abbreviated National Report – Italy
Mário Simões Barata, Ana Paula Guimarães and Daniela Serra Castilhos
The European Investigation Order in Portugal – Legal Analysis and Practical Dilemmas
Miha Šepec, Tamara Dugar, Anže Erbežnik and Jan Stajnko
Legal Implementation and Practical Application of the EIO Directive in Slovenia
Miha Šepec, Tamara Dugar and Jan Stajnko
European Investigation Order – A Comparative Analysis of Practical and Legal Dilemmas

II. Special Topics
Kai Ambos and Peter Rackow

Developments and Adaptations of the Principle of Mutual Recognition – Reflections on the Origins of the European Investigation Order with a View to a Practice-Oriented Understanding of the Mutual Recognition Principle
Laura Scomparin and Caroline Peloso
Defend Yourself, by Contesting: Considerations on the Relationship Between Right of Defence and Right to Contest in the European Investigation Order
Caroline Peloso and Oscar Calavita
Interception of Telecommunications: Strengths and Weaknesses of the European Investigation Order Directive (2014/41/EU)
Miha Šepec and Lara Schalk-Unger
Special Part of EU Criminal Law: The Level of Harmonization of the Categories of Offences Listed in Annex D in EU Legislation and Across Selected Member States
Laura Scomparin and Andrea Cabiale
The Principle of Proportionality in Directive 2014/41/EU – Challenges of the Present and Opportunities for the Future
Anže Erbežnik and Marin Bonačić
European Investigation Order, E-Evidence and the Future of Cross-Border Cooperation in the EU

III. Short Comments
Jan Stajnko, Mário Simões Barata and István Szijártó

Comments re Gavanozov I and Gavanozov II
Peter Rackow, Elizabeta Ivičević Karas, Zoran Burić, Marin Bonačić and Aleksandar Maršavelski
Comments re Parquet de Lübeck

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