The Economics of Flexible Exchange Rates

Proceedings of a Conference at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, March 29 - 31, 1978

1980. Tab., Abb.; 490 S.
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Inhalt: M. Bronfenbrenner, A Partial Indexation Scheme - S. Viotti, Inflation, the Terms of Trade and Flexible Exchange Rates - M. Aoki, Short-Run Asset and the Real Sector Dynamics of a Small Open Economy Under Flexible Exchange Rates - P. De Grauwe / A. Steinherr / G. Basevi, The Dynamics of Intervention in Foreign Exchange Markets: Purchasing Power Parity as a Guideline - J. A. Frenkel, The Demand for International Reserves under Pegged and Flexible Exchange Rate Regimes and Aspects of the Economics of Managed Float - D. W. Henderson, The Dynamic Effects of Exchange Market Intervention Policy: Two Extreme Views and a Synthesis - H. Lehment, Exchange-Market Interventions and Open-Market Operations as Instruments of Active Employment Policy Under Flexible Exchange Rates - W. G. Dewald, Monetary and Fiscal Actions: Did Their Relative Importance in the United States Change with Flexible Exchange Rates? - M. M. G. Fase / A. P. Huijser, A Reaction Function for Foreign Exchange Intervention in the Netherlands: Some Empirical and Methodological Considerations - P. Bernholz / P. Kugler, An Empirical Model of the Short Run Fluctuations of Exchange Rates: The Case of the Deutschmark (DM) and the Swiss Franc (SFR) - W. Gaab, On the Role of Interest Arbitrage, Speculation, and Commercial Hedging in the Determination of the Forward Exchange Rate: The Case of the Flexible German Mark, 1974-1977 - H. Handler, The Exchange Rate as an Intermediate Target of Stabilization Policy in Austria - K. Socher, The Experience with Floating Exchange Rates in Austria - F. Schebeck / H. Suppanz / G. Tichy, The Effect of Exchange Rate Changes on Foreign Trade in Manufactured Goods and on Prices in Small Open Economies. Preliminary Results for Austria - P. De Grauwe, Financial Policies in the Industrialized Countries and the Volatility of Exchange Rates

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