Public Transfers and Some Private Alternatives during the Recession

Papers Presented at an International Scientific Conference of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft 14.-16.7.1980 in Augsburg

1983. Tab., Abb.; VIII, 286 S.
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Inhalt: M. Pfaff, Some Introductory Questions - K. E. Boulding, Efficiency and Effectiveness: Normative Foundations of Transfer Policy - R. A. Solo, The Libertarian State, the Welfare State, the Positive State - G. Kleinhenz, Alternatives towards Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the State's Transfer Policy (Remarks on the Paper by R. A. Solo) - R. A. Musgrave, The Rationale for Transfer Systems: Alternative Paradigms - R. Hickel, Review of R. A. Musgrave's Paper - W. Trzeciakowski, Comments - M. P. Murray, Real versus Monetary Transfers: Lessons from the American Experience - W. W. Pommerehne, Real versus Monetary Transfers: Reflections on Some Lessons from the United States - W. Vickrey, Agenda Setting and Social Choice - Z. Jašić / P. Jurković, Some Characteristics of Interbudgetary Transfers in Yugoslavia - H.-J. Krupp, Comments - T. Muller, Is Deregulation an Alternative to Public Transfer Policy? - K.-D. Henke, Comments on T. Muller's Paper - I. Gottschalk, Is Privatization an Alternative to Public Transfer Policy? - G. Hedtkamp, Comments on I. Gottschalk's Paper - H. Hanusch, Comments - K. Gretschmann, Cooperative Self-Management of Public Services: Possibilities for and Limitations of a Reduction in Public Expenditure - W. Schönbäck, Comments on K. Gretschmann's Paper - A. Gartner, Private and Cooperative Alternatives to the Public Transfer Policy - C. Badelt, Community Action: Success, Failure, Prospects

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