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Maritime Risk Management

Essays on the History of Marine Insurance, General Average and Sea Loan

2021. 13 Tab., 8 Farb. Abb.; 304 S.
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Insurance is a legal, an actuarial and a financial product, and it is one out of many risk management strategies. It follows that its history can only be studied in the broader context of the development of such strategies, applying an interdisciplinary approach. The theme of the present volume is maritime risk management. After an overview over the history of insurance, the contributions to the present volume examine different maritime risk management strategies by adopting a variety of methodological approaches. Some contributions focus on normative provisions, others contrast practice with legal scholarship, or focus on the emergence of insurance companies as opposed to individual insurers. Again, other contributions give insights in marine insurance practice in specific cities or analyse insurance practice through the lens of specific insurance litigation. As to the time frame, the different contributions span from antiquity to the nineteenth century.


Phillip Hellwege and Guido Rossi: Maritime Risk Management: Marine Insurance, General Average, Sea Loan
Grietjie Verhoef: Insurance and Wealth: The Historical Trajectory of Changing Markets and Strategies in Insurance
Nikol Žiha: The Insurance Function of Roman Maritime Loan
Ana María Rivera Medina: Maritime Risk Management Instruments in Medieval Castile (Thirteenth to Sixteenth Centuries)
Luisa Piccinno and Antonio Iodice: Managing Shipping Risk: General Average and Marine Insurance in Early Modern Genoa
J.D. Ford: General Average in Scotland during the Sixteenth Century
David Deroussin: The Ordonnance sur la marine on General Average
Andrea Addobbati: War, Risks, and Speculation: The Accounts of a Small Livorno Insurer (1743–1748)
Jerònia Pons Pons: The Transformation of the Marine Insurance Market in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries in Spain
Mallory Hope: Commercial Networks, Maritime Law, and Translation in a Spanish Insurance Claim on Trial in France, 1783–1791
Sabine Go: Governance of General Average in the Netherlands in the Nineteenth Century: A Backward Development?
Stephanie Plasschaert: Unions and Networks in Nineteenth-Century Antwerp Marine Insurance Industry
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