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Macroeconomic Causes of Unemployment: Diagnosis and Policy Recommendations /

Makroökonomische Ursachen der Arbeitslosigkeit: Diagnose und Therapievorschläge

1999. Tab., Abb.; 442 S.
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This conference volume deals with one of the most severe economic, social and political problems major European economies face since the early nineties, the problem of lasting high unemployment. Contrary to the current German discussion, solely concentrating on microeconomic explanations and therapy recommendations, this volume presents papers based on various macro-economic points of view, showing different ways out of the employment crisis. Apart from renowned German economists, some well-known international academics participated in the 1998 Berlin symposium, to learn from experience in other countries.

The first chapter contains the main standard textbook models and paradigms explaining lasting high unemployment. The question in the second chapter is if it is possible to fight unemployment with the help of macro policy on a purely national basis in the presence of global markets. The third chapter indicates possible effects of misalignments in financial markets on economic growth and employment. The contributions of the fourth chapter present experiences of other countries, which have succeeded in recent years in lowering their unemployment rates. The question at issue is, if these concepts can be transferred to Germany. The topics of the concluding chapter are practical macroeconomic starting points for sustainable employment growth in Europe. The methods contradict supply side arguments for the stabilisation of employment predominant in the German discussion. Attention is focused on relations between the role of monetary and fiscal policy in close conjunction with wage policy. Furthermore it is made evident that in global markets a theoretical macroeconomic concept as a base for sustainable employment is not very promising without enhanced international co-operation.


Inhalt: W. Franz, Macroeconomics and Joblessness: An Introductory Statement - R. Richter, Warum Arbeitslosigkeit? Antworten von Wirtschaftstheoretikern seit Keynes (1936) - J. Priewe, Klassische und keynesianische Arbeitslosigkeit: eine Kritik hybrider Typologien - H.-J. Heinemann, Nationale Beschäftigungspolitik bei globalisierten Märkten? - P. Davidson, Global Macro Policies for Reducing Persistent High Unemployment Rates in OECD Countries - H. Klodt, International Direct Investment: Export of Headquarter Services or Export of Jobs? - A. Juchems / W. Leibfritz, Monetary Conditions and Fiscal Policy. A Comparison over Various Business Cycles and Different Phases of the Business Cycle - P. Winker, Financing Constraints, Output and Employment. Lessons from Theory and Empirical Evidence on the Micro and Macro Level - M. Frömmel / L. Menkhoff, The Informational Efficiency of Financial Markets and Macroeconomic Equilibrium - L. Funk, Labour Market Dynamics in Western Europe and the USA - M. Heise / M. Moersch, Micro and Macro Determinants of Unemployment. A Comparison of Trends in the United States and Germany - A. Heise, Unemployment in Germany and Britain. A Question of Micro-Rigidities or Macro-Obstruction? - D. Hum / W. Simpson / N. Cameron, Reducing Unemployment in an Era of Low Inflationary Expectations to Regain High Employment - A. F. Ott, Effects of a Change in Policy Rules on the Growth of the Economy. Temporary versus Permanent Effects - L. Groot / R. Schettkat, Does Structure jMatter? The Macroeconomics of Unbalanced Growth - E. Nowotny, The Role of Macroeconomic Policy in Overcoming Slow Economic Growth. International Comparisons and Policy Perspectives - C.-L. Holtfrerich, Economic Policy Targeting, Policy Mix and (Un-)Employment - H.-P. Spahn, Central Bankers, Games and Markets. A Critical Assessment of the Microeconomic Optimization Approach in the Theory of Macroeconomic Stabilization - H.-J. Krupp / K. Cabos, The Impact of Monetary Policy on Employment - G. A. Horn, Zur Koordination von Geld- und Lohnpolitik. Eine empirische Analyse für die USA und Deutschland

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