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Legal Issues in International Credit Transfers
1993. Tab., Abb.; XVI, 574 S.
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ISBN 978-3-428-07616-1
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Inhalt: J. Trosien, The Role of Cash in International Payment Transactions - W. Hadding, International Transfers under German Law - U. Huber, The International Credit Transfer and the Underlying Obligation - C. von der Seipen, The Law Applicable to International Credit Transfers from the German Perspective - W. Holzwarth, International Interbank Funds Transfers - J. Etzkorn, Legal Issues in the International Use of Credit Cards - M. Bruns, Money Laundering as a Legal Problem - E. Kuß / B. Reichel / M. Rudnick, Foreign Payment Transactions from the Perspective of a Major Corporation (Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg) - A. Müller, EUFISERV. Cooperation Between European Savings Banks in the Area of Funds Transfers - K. M. Gormanns, The German Postbank in International Funds Transfers - R. Cranston, Law of International Funds Transfers in England - M. Vasseur, Law and Practice of Foreign Funds Transfers in France - C. Costa, The Actual Significance of and the Law Relating to Foreign Funds Transfers in Italy - S. Iwahara, The Practical Execution and Legal Framework of International Funds Transfers in Japan - J. Bischoff, The Factual Significance and Legal Regulation of International Funds Transfers in Switzerland - C. Felsenfeld, Article 4 A of the United States Uniform Commercial Code - E. T. Patrikis / D. W. Cook, Financial Risks and Legal Problems of International Netting Schemes From the United States Point of View - H. LeGuen, Financial Risks and Legal Problems of International Netting Schemes seen from a French Point of View - J. Etzkorn, The S.W.I.F.T. Rules - U. H. Schneider, The Uniform Rules for International Credit Transfers under the UNCITRAL Model Law - U. Blaurock / P. Rennpferdt, International Initiatives for Rules Governing International Funds Transfers - F. Passacantando, The Payment System in the Context of EMU. The Role of Central Banks - H. Rehm, On the Future Orga

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