Law in Times of Crisis

Festschrift for Yoram Danziger

2024. Frontispiz, 2 Tab.; 692 S.
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Anlässlich des 70. Geburtstags von Yoram Danziger, Professor an der Universität Tel Aviv und ehemaliger Richter am Obersten Gerichtshof in Israel, haben sich einige seiner Kollegen und Freunde zusammengefunden, um zu seinen Ehren eine Festschrift zu verfassen. In diesen schwierigen Zeiten steht das israelische Verfassungssystem mehr denn je unter Druck. Unter dem Titel »Law in Times of Crisis« vereint der englischsprachige Band eine internationale Gruppe von Autorinnen und Autoren. Die ihm gewidmete Festschrift bezieht sich dabei auf verschiedene Themen des israelischen Rechtssystems und soll das breite Spektrum von Danzigers Denken und Wirken widerspiegeln. Es werden grundlegende Fragen des Verfassungsrechts und der Rechtstheorie, des Strafrechts und der Strafjustiz, Themen des Gesellschaftsrechts und der Finanzregulierung, rechtliche Herausforderungen der digitalen Transformation und Technologie sowie Bereiche der Ethik, der Gesundheit und des Rechts beleuchtet.


I. Constitutional Law and Legal Theory
Daphne Barak-Erez

Reparations for Holocaust Survivors – Searching for Justice in Israel and Germany
Leandro Dias and Ezequiel Heffes
New Typologies of Non-International Armed Conflict? An Analysis of Article 8(2)(f) of the Rome Statute
Avigdor Klagsbald
Justice Danziger’s Judgment on the Boycott Law. H.C.J. 5239/11 Uri Avneri v. The Knesset (Reported in Nevo, 15 April 2015)
Karl Kreuzer
Is Islamic Shariah Law Applicable under German Constitutional Law?
Clemens Lückemann
Large-Scale Disasters in Germany and Israel
Yoram Rabin and Alon Rodas
The Role of the State Comptroller of Israel in Combating Government Corruption and Promoting Moral Integrity
Stefanie Schmahl
Erosion of the Rule of Law: Curtailing the Powers of Constitutional Courts
Kyrill-A. Schwarz
How the Law Deals with Troublemakers
Alex Stein
Probabilism in Legal Interpretation
Christoph Weber and Caroline S. Rapat
Restoring Stolen Dignity. Reappraisal of the National Socialist Unlawful Revocation of Doctoral Degrees at the University of Würzburg

II. Criminal Law and Criminal Justice
Susanne Beck

Criminal Law in Intercultural Dialogue. On the Method of Culture-Based Comparative Criminal Law
Mordechai Kremnitzer and Khalid Ghanayim
On the Elements of the Offence of Homicide with Intention to Facilitate the Commission of Another Offence or Escape Justice, According to Section 301 A(a)(2) of the Israeli Penal Code (Amendment 137, 2019)
Anat Meyassed Cnaan and Talia Eva Goldshtain
Legal Realism and Forensics: Why the Legal System Won’t Go All the Way in Limiting Forensic Evidence to its Actual Capacity
Justin Monsenepw
OHADA’s Balancing Act Between the Community’s Need for a Harmonized Criminal Law and the Member States’ Hold on National Sovereignty
Rottem Rosenberg Rubins
Eyewitness Identification in Israel: ATheoretical and Comparative Perspective
Yaniv Vaki
Condign Punishment Appropriate to the Extent of Proof
Brian Valeriu
Legal Measures Against Hate Speech and Hate Crime
Shizhou Wang
On the Characteristics of Joint Crime in Chinese Criminal Law
John Zuluag
Confronting the Past Through Criminal Courts. Critical Reflections on the Colombian Case

III. Corporate Law and Financial Regulation
Winfried Bausback

Future Whistleblower Protection in Germany Caught Between the Conflicting Demands of Bureaucratic Burden and Law Enforcement
Orit Fischman Afori
The Evolving Concept of Minority Shareholders as Controllers – The Israeli Perspective
Asaf Eckstein and Gideon Parchomovsky
Rethinking Oversight Duties and Responsibilities in Conglomerates
Assaf Hamdani and Sharon Hannes
Institutional Investor Activism: Lessons from Israel
Tamir Shanan
Taxation of »Stateless« Individual Taxpayers in the 21st Century
Iris Soroker
Regulation of Franchise Termination

IV. Legal Challenges in Digital Transformation and Technology
Berthold Haustein

Through the Thicket of Law to the Stars of Technology Transfer
Eric Hilgendorf
»The High Dignity of the Office of Judge« in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
Carsten Kusche
Platform Crime as a Challenge for Criminal Law Doctrine and (Criminal) Law Policy
David Roth-Isigkeit
Towards Methodological Experimentalism in Digital Transformation Research
Paul Vogel
The Sanctions Regime in EU Data Protection Law
Bernd Weiß
Digitalisation and the Right to the Lawful Judge – Human Being or »Automated Judging Machine«?

V. Ethics, Health, and Law
Frauke Rostalski

Life and Death María Lucila Tuñón Corti: Age, Fair Innings, and Triage in the Time of Coronavirus

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